Apam Catholic Hospital

"If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few that are rich"


Apam Catholic Hospital is a non-profit health facility located on the coast of Ghana, West Africa.

It was established in 1959 by three Dutch Reverend Sisters during a tour along the coast and has been able to reach its current status as a dependable district hospital, as a result of gradual expansions and additions over the years thanks to support from both institutions and individuals. It offers a reliable 24hr service to a population of about 204,000 and is constantly aspiring to its vision of becoming a model referral hospital.

This website is set up as a means of informing the internet community of the fine work being done at the hospital, while at the same time acknowledging those who have contributed their time, energy and resources in order to assist us in our health delivery efforts.

Message from the Administrator:

Mr Francis Yawson (Principal Health Services Administrator):
"Its amazing how through technology, information can be disseminated to people around the world. Apam Catholic Hospital is in its infant stages in developing its website to enable friends and partners worldwide know how we appreciate their good gesture and support. We therefore welcome your comments and suggestions to improve on our health care delivery efforts in the Gomoa district.


I would  like to acknowledge the invaluable contributions made by Mr. Bernard Lillis from the University of  Limerick, Ireland in updating our website to its present status while on placement and to Miss Sarah Tyther also from the same University for the initial set up of the this website. Enjoy reading our website. Thank you." 

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